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Soaring Sneakers Run Club

Sierra Vista Run Club

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What is the Sierra Vista Run Club?

The Sierra Vista Run Club is a club that allows students to increase their physical activity during and after school hours.


Who can join?

Any enrolled Sierra Vista student is welcome to sign up and participate as much as they wish.


When does the run club meet?

The run club is for three days per week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday at morning recess (9:50am). A parent volunteer will be there to mark laps.


Do I have to run?

No, students may go at their own pace. Walking is great exercise too and a fun way to catch up with friends. We just ask that students keep moving around the field.


How does it work?

Complete laps throughout the school year during recess and special events including FunD Run and after school Family Fun Runs. At certain milestones: 25/50/75/100 miles, students can earn a tshirt and other prizes.


Can I run outside of school time?

Yes, community races and fun runs count! If you need an extra way to earn laps, bring proof of your race completion to the Run Club Coordinator. Sorry, running during a sporting event does not count!


Where do you meet?

Near the soccer field at the blue picnic table.


The Soaring Sneakers Run Club is operated by parent volunteers and funded by Sierra Vista PTA. Your support is very much appreciated!

For more information, please contact:

Holly Boettner, Run Club Coordinator

Top SV Runners!

Congratulations to the following runners in the Soaring Sneakers Run Club! 

Congratulations to:
James Hansen has reached 100 Miles!
Top 26 Runners
Thomas Hansen - 120
Nathaniel Sackett - 119.25
James Hansen - 118.50
Samuel Choi - 99.50
Jack Boettner - 43.50
Jonathan Rodriguez - 34.50
Ryan West - 27
Joshua Klausmeier - 26.25
Juliette Larson - 24.25
Nolan Fox - 22.50
Davis Gao - 21.50
Avram Flores - 21
Easton Piekarski - 20.50
Julie Shin - 20.25
Sydney Stewardson - 17.75
Ellie Shin - 17.75
Chase Ramirez - 16.75
Matthew Santome - 16.50
Andy Li - 16.25
Haley Haston - 15.50
Keira Neal - 14.25
Eddie Chu - 14
Gabryle Rubalcava - 13
Cole Munoz - 12.50
Adam Mezher - 12
Ethaniel Ramirez - 12

Weekly Run/Walk Schedule

runnign eagle graphic.jpg
1st - 6th Grades:

Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday during Morning Recess


Donations provided by:


"That's It" fruit bars



Laser Island


Thank you for supporting SV RUN CLUB!


Family Fun Run Dates

March 31

April 21

May 12

May 26


Get out there and run as a family!

Good job earning your t-shirt,

Ryan West, for reaching 25 miles!

Way to Go, Jonathan, for reaching 25 miles!