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Are You Ready for Read-opoly!?!?

February Log

 (K-2) 10 min 

(3-6) 20 min


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Curtis Orthodontics Gives Back

A big THANK YOU goes out to....

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.15.18 PM.png

Curtis Orthodontics is now offering to give back to Sierra Vista PTA when your child starts orthodontic treatment.  Curtis Orthodontics will donate 5% up to $200 to our PTA.  Please visit their website at breasmiles.com to get all of the information you need to make an appointment.  Once you have your appointment, don't forget to bring your flyer!


***Thank you to D. Curtis for providing Homework  Folders & a donation for our Reading Program for all SV students!!!!***

Exciting News from Ecolutions!

Our campus is a living classroom! Monarch butterfly caterpillars chow down on a milkweed plant near the school’s entrance gate. The milkweed was planted by Ecolutions as part of our Monarch Mission project. Please enjoy watching the caterpillars, but don’t touch!  Monarch caterpillars secrete a poison to keep birds away. The poison is not so toxic to humans, but still should be avoided. Also, our purpose is to support this dwindling species: touching or moving them could hurt our efforts to protect them. The only plant they will eat is the milkweed, so don’t remove them please.  New, tiny caterpillars have been appearing daily, but they won’t be tiny for long! And the milkweed won’t be around much longer, either, as they’ve eaten all the leaves and are now working on the stems. Take a look while you can!


Dear Sierra Vista Friends and Families:

The R.E.A.C.H. Foundation sponsors a ShamRock 'n Run each year.  Our school will get $5 for each person who registers to participate.  Also, this year they will give the school with the most participant, $1000.

Participants may walk or run the 3.1 mile (5K) track or the 1.2 mile (2K) track.

Please print the attached flyer for March 18th that explains how to register online to participate in the ShamRock 'n Run.  Let's all go out with family and friends and be fit!, and bring funds to Sierra Vista!

Very sincerely,

Ms. Fargo


Sierra Vista Eagles SOAR!!!


Our motto, “SOAR to Success,” teaches our students to

 Stay Safe

Own their Own Behavior

Accept Responsibility

Respect People and Property 

Enrolling a Student?


Enrolling for Preppy K or Kindergarten?

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26- Ecolutions at lunch
28- Eagles dine out (CAFE RIO)
2- Community Recycling day/Ecolutions Work Day
9- 2:15- Family Fun Run (Run Club)
15- PTA Association Meeting-Community Service awards
15- Family Night( BINGO)
21- Eagles dine out
26- Ecolutions at lunch
28- Ecolutions work day
13- 2:15 Family Fun Run (Run Club)
16- Ecolutions at lunch
19- Open House-Family Night
20- Community Recycling day/Ecolutions work day
25- Eagles Dine Out
April 23-27 Earth Week
4- Community Recycle day/Ecolutions Work Day
4- 2:15- Family Fun Run (Run Club)
14- Ecolutions at Lunch
18- Ecolutions work day
18- Spring Carnival
18- Last day of Run Club/Run Club Picnic Lunch
21- Ecolutions at lunch
23- Ecolutions party after school
23- Eagles Dine out